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"Declutter Your Home And Make A Few Extra Dollars Using"

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of holding a yard sale. Sure, it's a great way to get rid of clutter and make a few extra bucks, but it's also and quite a bit of work. Not to mention that we all have better things to do than sit in our front yard in the hot sun all Saturday.

But what's a busy homemaker to do? Here's my favorite alternative...

 Craigslist To The Rescue!

CraigsList Yardsale

With CraigsList Yard Sale, you can quickly and easily sell all your unwanted "stuff" without having to spend all day sitting in your front yard in the hot sun - and make a litte extra spending money.

I've been using Craigslist for over a year to sell anything from appliances to clothes and some of nice toys my daughter has outgrown.

In fact, one of my best experiences was selling a nice "loving family" dollhouse that we got our daughter one year for Christmas. She spent a good two years playing with it and ended up with most of the dolls and room sets.

She'd finally outgrown it and noone in our immediate family or circle of friends wanted the doll house. We ended up putting it on Craigslist and sold it within a day to a nice lady who was able to get it for her daughter's birthday present.

The little girl had been asking for this dollhouse for quite a few months, but a new one just wasn't in the family's budget. We were able to help her mom get the little girl the one thing she really wanted by putting the dollhouse on Craigslist for a fraction of what it is new.

Mother and daughter were extactic and we were happy about the little extra spending money.

Yes, that's all it took! And it can work for you too . . .

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things
You'll Discover Inside And Put To Work Right Away

 How to sign up for a Craigslist account and create your first listing. 

Where to find all sorts of treasures that you can sell on Craigslist. 

Important safety tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe while selling online.

Learn about some great tips to improve your listings, picking the right price and placing it in the category that will get you the best results. 

Tweaking your listings to sell items fast and for a good price.

Running out of stuff to sell? I'll share some strategies with you to easily find more items you can sell for a small profit on Craigslist. Just because you run out of clutter, doesn't mean you have to stop earning a little extra spending money. 

 Plenty of Tips and Ideas to make this work for you.

With all the advice and step-by-step instructions packed into 29 pages, it won't take you more than a few hours to set up your yard sale on Craigslist.

Best of all, this is a lot easier and a lot less work than sorting through all your stuff, sticking those little price tags on each item, dragging it all to the front yard, setting it up on tables (all of this in the wee hours of your Saturday morning), and then spend all day sitting in the hot sun to sell your stuff.

Instead, you can sell as much or as little at a time as you'd like on your own schedule and spend that Saturday doing something fun with the kids.

But It Doesn't Stop There...

I also have a few great bonuses for you.

Bonus #1 - Home Inventory Checklists

These checklists make it easy to find out exactly what you have and what you want to start selling.

Use them for decluttering, but also to determine household value for insurance purposes and just to keep track of what you've got.

Bonus #2 - Ebay Shopping Guide

I love finding great deals on Ebay. In this short report you'll learn more about finding and buying things on Ebay for a lot less than what you'd pay at the store.

Use it to buy things for your family, christmas gifts etc. or use it to get more inventory for your Craigslist Yard Sales. 

It's time to say "Let's Get On Craigslist" and and start making a little extra money getting rid of unwanted clutter.  This sensational resource "Craigslist Yard Sale" is available to you as a downloadable pdf ebook directly accessible from the  Internet.

Don't Wait until you're ready to take bags of unwanted clutter to the donation center. Take control by taking action right now, today!

Here's How To Order Right Now!

þ Yes! Susanne, Help Me Get Rid of Of Some Of My Cluttter and Turn It Into Extra Spending Money With Craigslist...

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Don't wait any longer! You can be downloading and learning from this incredible information within just a few minutes . . . and using it to start making a little extra money as well!


Susanne Myers

 If you continue to hang on to all that extra "stuff" and clutter it'll just take up room and collect dust - Put it up on Craigslist and give another family that could actually use these items a chance to grab them for a lot less than what they'd pay in the store - and you can use the money your making for something your family needs or wants.

P.P.S. Remember, you'll get instant access to this ebook so that you can start learning how to sell things on Craigslist right away. There are no extra costs or wait time for shipping. What are you waiting for? Click here to order your copy now!

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